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SeaBEAN: the Trilogy is a fast-paced time travel story, aimed at the middle grade reader (8-14 years old), but also appeals to the YA reader, and is an exciting example of what’s become known in recent years as ‘clifi’ or climate fiction. It was warmly received in the UK and internationally when the first part of the trilogy SeaBEAN appeared in 2013, and is now being used as a class reading book in several UK schools.

SeaBEAN: the trilogy

Republished in one volume for the first time, featuring all three books: SeaBEAN, SeaWAR and SeaRISE, this edition also includes a chilling epilogue that casts new light on Alice’s increasingly desperate attempts to set the world to rights.

And what's more, if you order the book directly from my website, you get a copy that’s been personally signed by me!


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