About the Trilogy

5* Amazon customer review:

“SeaRISE is an excellent finale to a very good set of three books. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it with my 8 yr old son. My 11 yr old has also enjoyed it.”

by jcphop526 Jan. 2015



The SeaBEAN Trilogy, with its unique thermochromic covers, is a time-travel eco-adventure that has been warmly received in the UK and internationally since the publication of Book 1 in September 2013 by Medina Publishing, and appeals to the middle grade market of 8-14 year olds, spanning into the YA category.

Categorised as ‘cli-fi’ or climate fiction, it is a fast-moving story set on the island of St Kilda, Scotland in 2018, and features a strange futuristic device – the C-Bean – which Alice and her friends find can take them anywhere in the world (SeaBEAN – Book 1) or anywhere in the past (SeaWAR – Book 2), or even to the future (SeaRISE – Book 3).

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