what is clifi?

‘Clifi’ is short for climate change fiction. It’s a new genre that’s growing fast. There’s even a wikipedia entry for clifi. I’m very proud that SeaBEAN is now regarded as one of the leading examples of this genre for children, and a key literary text with great scope for getting to grips with climate change.

Here are some children at a school in Scotland discussing my book on BBC Radio Scotland and sharing their thoughts on the role that literature could play in understanding climate change:


Here’s a recent piece from the Guardian in October 2017 which talks about the new genre of clifi and mentions my work:

Clifi piece Oct 2017

Here’s an article I wrote for The Guardian, published on 6 Feb 2015, on why I write clifi:

screen grab why I write clifi piece

And on 23 April 2015 The Guardian published my top 10 cli-fi reads:


And here’s an interview I did about clifi with Mary Woodbury who runs clifibooks: