All the illustrations for the trilogy have been done ‘in house’ by either myself or my children, in particular by my daughter Nina Holding (pictured with me above), who wants to be an artist when she grows up. I decided that what should be illustrated was any unusual or out of the ordinary object, creature or person in the story. The character of Hannah Burney is often mentioned as drawing this or that, and so I also thought that the drawings should look like they had been done by her.


The two panda cubs rescued from Edinburgh Zoo


One of the vigilante gang members Alice and Charlie run into some trouble with in 2118


The severed finger. A useful item in 2118.


How will Alice get away from this canine droid in 2118?


What does this old Chinese woman know that Alice and Charlie need to find out so badly?


What are these phials of medicine the antidote for?


Can Alice work out how to use this strange device she is given in 2118?


What do the children do when they are given this tray of disgusting food in 2118?


Alice and Charlie’s unlikely escape vehicle


What would you do if this swarm of mutant mosquitoes suddenly came at you in the dark?


How do you negotiate your way through an inland lagoon in one of these?

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