climate week 2014


“Kingston under Thames”
During February 2014, I worked with a number of local secondary schools in my local area to get pupils thinking about climate change by writing clifi.

We focused in particular on the time 100 years into the future – ie to 2114 – when the effects of climate change will be all too real for everyone, and conducted games, exercises and discussions aimed at producing some far-sighted pieces of creative writing.

Then on 7th March 2014, I invited 100 pupils to attend a final event at Richard Challoner School, as the Climate Change Ambassadors from their respective schools. The event was run as a Question Time-style debate with questions from the floor, and on the panel were the Rt Hon Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Hilary Gander from Transition Town Kingston, David Randall from Maple Works, Surbiton, and myself.

All our Ambassadors were sent back to 2014 at the end of the event to do what they can to influence and convince people that a change in policy, behaviour and energy source are all necessary to avoid the consequences that were only too real for them in 2114.

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